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i'm Massymo, excuse me for my english, it's very bad.... :)
I cultivate many acquatic plants in emersion...i'm interesting particular Eriocaulon species and rare plants for acquarium, i have the follow sample rare species in my collection:
-Ranunculus Inundatus
-Ludwigia Senegalensis (guinea)
-Saururus Cernuus Red (very very very rare)
-Nesaea Sp. 'RED LEAVED'
-Polygonum spec. Sao Paulo
-Cryptocoryne Cordata Rosanervig
-Eriocaulon Cinereum
-Eriocaulon Setaceum
-Barbula Species
-Prothallium Sp.
-Prothallium Sp. Var. Bolbitis
-Durieus Quell Moss (Fontinalis duriaei "Tapolca")
-Fontinalis Moss (Fontinalis Dalecarlica)
-Perlen Moss (Blepharostoma Trichophyllum)
-Blyxa Alternifolia
-Cabomba Caroliniana SilverGreen
-Rotala Sp. Goias

I buy eriocaulon species....
bye.. :)

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Welcome to the forum, Massymo. It's good to have you here. Looks like you have a tremendous variety of plants.

Can you share your tank specs and possibly pictures, please?

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it's my proserpinaca palustris with bad light....good red color but leaf not trasformed...very good orange red color :)

it's my prefer son.....Eriocaulon Cinereum...his age?? 6-7 was very very little (1cm diameter)

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