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Hello, n00b here in Orlando, FL

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Hello, everybody.

I'm definitely new to the hobby. I just started my first aquarium about 2-3 months ago and got it stuck in my head that I wanted to make it planted. It just seems like a good idea to give the fishies something real to swim around in. This place seems like a wealth of information, so I'm looking forward to lurking some and learning as much as possible.

I've got a fully cycled, healthy 20 gallon high tank that's pretty much stocked, fish-wise. Four neon tetras (gonna add 2 more, I think), four white skirt tetras, two dwarf gouramis, and a panda garra. I'm still trying to locate plants that will work with my stock low-light setup at my lfs. Right now I've got some java fern, a ruffled sword, and some something-tropica rosette plant that seems to be growing a lot. Unfortunately my favorite fish place around Orlando is recovering from an algae bloom and hasn't restocked in a while, so I haven't found much more to add. I definitely need to add both tall and short plants, just haven't figured out what will work yet.

Thanks, and I'm happy to be here :)
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Welcome to APC :D... Looks like you have already received some good info.
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