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Welcome to APC. What do you have setup currently? Tell us about your tanks.

90 Gallon Oceanic Tank with Oceanic Stand and Canopy
Two 48" striplites with 40watt 6700k Natural Daylite Bulbs
One 48" striplite with 40watt Hagen Aqua-Glo Bulb (for color)


Anubias nana - just hanging out
Java Moss - covering rocks
Amazon Swords - just two
Dwarf Hair Grass - two small clumps


Angelfish - x10 watching for pairs
Harloquin Rasboros - x10 love these fish
Cory Cats - X3 fun to watch
Black Mystery Snail - x1 Golfball size


Black Sand Substrate
Maylasian Driftwood (for tannins)
Lace rock looking rocks (fake molded rock)
A few Colorodo River rocks in back of the tank (hiding air stone)
Marineland Stealth 250 Heaters - x2
Rena XP2 Canister Filter running Sponges in basket #1 - Keet-peet in basket #2
Marineland Magnum 350 stuffed full of scrubbies inside and outside of the media basket
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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