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I am new to Aquatic Plant Central, I usually am on the Aquatic Hobbyist Forum but was recomended to check out this site from another member.
I have three tanks set up A 40 gallon 36 X18 X13 tall with 140 watts of light. 1, GE compact light that has 110 watts, and 1, 36 inch 30 watt Power Glo bulb. 2 Natural System CO2 systems
2 aqua clear 50's
The plant are:
1 bunch Anacharis
1 Bunch Moneywort
1 bunch red lugwigia
1 brown crypt
1 Java fern
Fish are:
5 Botia Striata
6 Danios
1 clown pleco
2 Bubble Molly
2 Platy
2 Oto's
30 gallon long tank
60 watts lighting 1 power glo and one Aqua glo 36 inch bulbs.
1 Aqua clear 70
Plants are:
Java moss
6 Harlequin Rasbora
6 Neon Tetras
1 Bristlenose Pleco
Soon to be 5 Kuli Loaches
1 10 Gallon Qtank
I have been in the hobby for about 1 year, I am on long term dissability because of many back surgeries, next on is on Feb. 9th. Thank god for my Python :razz:
I have a lot of questions about fertilizers, and algae but that will come later.
It is nice to be here and look forward to learning and helping when I can.
40 Gallon

30 gallon


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Welcome to APC :)

I'm glad you took the advice and joined us, you will learn alot here.

Your tank pics did not show up.
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