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I can't let Brian have all the fun here!

My name is Tony and I am a plant-a-holic.
I'm 27 and have been in the hobby for about 1.5years. It all started with a few plants in a fish only tank...that melted due to lack of light...of course....and it all went down hill from there. I now have 4 tanks...well, almost 4. I just hardscaped one in the office :D I also have 1 emersed setup and another eb-flow hydroponics setup in the making ...yes...I have a problem ;)

I am very much a DIY guy in the hobby and have already tinkers with: DIY reflectors, extensive work on LED lighting, canopies, python, reactors and even built a tank.

When I am not toying with the tanks, I am either on the computer (my wife refers to it as "my true love" :lol:) or I am working in the lab. I am a chemistry grad student working on stuff that you really don't want me to bore you with. The good thing is I have access to all sorts of goodies such as chemicals (DIY ferts ;)) and a machine shop where I make some of my DIY projects :D

well..there you have, sorta in a broken nutshell.
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