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Welcome:) If you have photos on your PC you want to show us, you can do it 2 ways. Upload them to a server of your own, or upload them to your Personal Gallery here at APC.

To find you Personal Gallery here......

At the top of the screen, where the Logos are, you will see Album. Click on it and you will go to the album gallery. At the bottom of the page, you will see, My Personal Gallery, click on that. That is a gallery specifically for you, everyone can have their own, where you can upload photos directly from your computer:) To put one of those photos in your post, ....

Right click on the photo in your gallery, at the bottom of the popup window, select properties. There is a part that says location (ie http:// etc) that is the home of that photo on the internet. Drag your cursor over that link, make sure you get all of it, then right click that and select "Copy"

Now, in your post do this

Its very simple once you do it a time or two. If you have any more trouble, let us know, and I or soemone else here will walk you through it more:)

Now, let's see this photos:)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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