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Help identifying this algae

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I'm trying to get rid of this stuff and it keeps coming back. I'd like to identify it so ideally I can find something that will eat it. It looks like Cladophora but I'm not entirely sure. Any ideas? Thanks!


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Some of the clado looks like it's growing BBA.
It does look like Cladophora, but you'd need a higher magnification pic to be sure. To me, Cladophora is one of the LESS annoying algae - I'd much rather have that than Spirogyra (hair, blanket weed) or Oscillatoria (slime).
Ah great, thanks for confirming! I know my pleco won't eat the stuff, would I have luck with some snails or freshwater shrimps / lobsters?
For me, Amano shrimp (Caridina japonica) seem to be the most reliable for eating a wide range of different algae, although nothing seems to eat Oscillatoria.

BTW where's our algae expert BUCHA these days?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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