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Help me aquascape my 125

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Just set this up yesterday, hows it look and what should I do to make it look better. Most of it is crypts and swords. I have a bunch of java fern and some moss to used along with anubias.
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The basic layout looks good. Perhaps some anubias on the big driftwood and put the grassy plant that's spread out in the middle back of the tank in a tighter clump directly behind the big driftwood. Other than that I'd let it fill in for a while and see how it shapes up.
I put some anubias on the driftwood along with some java fern. The crypts melted behind the driftwood so I will see how they grow back in. Thanks for the reply.
I really like to right, no so fond of the left. May be move the wood and add a little more hard scape. Or move the wood to the far left and a mid ground. I might even try a smaller piece of wood. What kind of look are you going for?
Not sure what kind of look, but I added a compact sword on the left because I didnt like the left side either. Now it looks better. I will post some more pics.
When I need ideas I use this link. I keeps me inspired and give me a lot of ideas.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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