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Help me create my planted tank setup in detail

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Here's what I have to work with:

pH 6.5
KH 2 - 3
GH 2 - 3

29gallon - Fluval 1 Plus - 100% fluorite substrate - 65watt Coralife Lighting
The plants I have now:
Anubis Nana
Brazilian pennywart
Italian Vallisneria
Water sprite
Life in my aquarium:
Malaysian Trumpet Snails
5 Badis
4 gold Tetra
2 Otocinclus Catfish

The goal is to fit as many healthy plants in my tank as I can with NO CO2

Please list names of plants I should get for my setup

Should I add more fish to balance my plant to fish ratio for nutrients? If so, how many more fish?
What should I add to my tank for nutrients?
The less amount of fertilizers the better to keep cost low, but I need to know what I would need to add with my setup I have going on.
If I do need to add Excel I have heard that some plants do not do well with Excel, does anyone know what plants do not do well with Excel?

How long of light cycle? 8 - 10 - 12 hours ?

I will post pictures of my progress as this thread gets going.

I have read threads on this and that, but it always come down to certain things not working with certain setups, so I figure I would ask for step by step help here and see what I can do with the help of the knowledgeable people who come to this forum.

Maybe this will work and maybe it wont, I would like to try this and see what me and you can create :)

This will also help me learn the nature of the planted aquarium by researching the plant types that are recommended and the additives needed.
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