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Help me id these please?

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I'm new here. Stumbled here from a link. After reading some posts I decided to walk down to the pond across the road. Not really expecting to find anything since its still cold here. But find a few plants I did, also a nice piece of wood. Anyway here's some links to the plants. Thanks for any help!

as you can see the curviceps didn't mind the addition of the grass like plant to their tank at all. One of them has delighted in playing with it.
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Sorry, ginnie. I can't see the pictures since imagestation doesn't seem to allow remote linking. :(

Can't see the photos, says:

You don't have permission to access /picture/sraid104/p71f86c1409bf79f8ad3badc196c0098a/f99a58f5.jpg on this server
Yeah I can't see anything either. Do you have another host? If not. Let me know and I can host the pictures for you. Actually...I can download them...So I'll just host them for you.
Plant ID


Great for you to find your first plants. I couldn't bring up the photos. Can you try to store them here under your personal gallery? Also please tell us where you live. That will help us figure out what plants you have found.

Steve Pituch
Here are the images. I was only able to download the first two for now.

Ok here we go. Got the next two.

Interesting plants. The purple looks like it's about to die. It looks like some sort of crypt to me..but the blades seem to big and thick to be considered a crypt family.
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Thank you!

for posting those. I'm in upstate SC. Its really too early to find much of anything here I think. This is just a small pond that is across the woods from us. Part of the bottom is covered in leaf litter and one whole end of it is marshy. Lots of marsh grass there. I found these between the two areas. The purple one has a couple of new green leaves that are just starting to come in.
Now I can barely wait for spring. I'm thinking of all the places I can go and look for plants. I think I might have to invest in some boots too!
The third one looks like Eleocharis acicularis or something close.

The fourth one looks exactly like Hemianthus micranthemoides, growing emmersed.

The first two, however, are puzzling. The first one looks like a Cryptocoryne to me (by the way, it should not be planted so deeply), but I am positive that is not it. The second one looks like a species of Hygrophila.

Wow thats very interesting! If you can find this stuff in the winter, I wonder what you will find in spring??
and I thought this pond was just

a mosquito haven!
Yes we have..

I actually have been to one of the CAAS meetings about a year ago. I just got some apistos from Paul. Small world isn't it?
ginnie can you figure out and verify if the third picture is hairgrass. I dont' think it is since the grass is ultra light green. If that is the case, I seriously wouldn't mind trading you for some of that.
I really have no idea what it is..

it looks very similar to me but I have no hairgrass in my aquarium to compare it to. I can send you pictures of it growing in its natural state if you'd like and I'll be glad to send you some. I'll get pictures tomorrow.
The third picture plant is in the very large sedge family. I am not sure it is hair grass. It might be. See if it grows submersed.

The fourth picture plant is not Hemianthus. The leaves are shaped differently, and there are too many of them in a whorl. Also, the leaves of hemianthus are thin and translucent, whereas these leaves look thicker. The plant looks vaguely familiar, but I can't place it. If it can grow submersed, then you have got something new!

Plants 1 and 2 don't look like they belong underwater, but you never know.

Were all these plants found completely submersed? Did they look like they have been submersed for some time or just recently because of higher water levels?
After going back this morning..

I think the "grass" one is a sedge. There is one whole side of the pond that is nothing but sedge.I found several "grass" plants though all over the pond. All of these plants were submersed but I did find plants that were very similar to these on the banks. Some of them were 8-10 inches out so I doubt that is from recent rainfall. This pond was way down until this past summer so these may be plants land plants that grew there before? I'm going to let them be and see what happens, all they can do is die out. I have them right in front so I can keep an eye on them. And yes that meeting was at your house. I hope to get involved with the group. It has really grown!
Eleocharis is also in the sedge group. There are a lot of Eleocharis species in this country, and I am sure that not all of them have been tested to see if they make good aquarium plants. Then there are all the other genera in the sedge family. Cyperus, Carex, etc. There could be some good aquarium plants in there, somewhere. Members of the Rush family, Juncaceae, not Limbaugh) look like sedges to us non-experts and Juncus repens has been found to be a good aquarium plant. There are 3 or 4 other aquatic species of Juncus that need to be investigated.

Happy hunting!
update on the plants....

The purple one is losing the outer leaves but there are new green leaves coming in. If it continues to do well I'll post another pic of it in a week or so. The creeping one that looks kind of like baby tears is growing and the grass plant is hanging in , no change in it so far. The one that looked like some type of hygro is definitely not doing good. I'll probably pull it this weekend.
Corpus Christi Plants

OK. I've got two more mystery plants. They are numbers 4 and 5 at my website at:

The first one is sort of like a lobelia and water cabbage:

The second one is like a frilly vertical dandelion. It was on a very shallow bank of a slough off of the nueces river. This is the closet thing I have found to a marshy environment. I think it looks a lot like a Spatterdock:

Do you like my sophisticated botantist terms?

Steve Pituch
(amateur aquatic plant biotopist)
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