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I agree, ammonia spikes and intense lighting are green water triggers.

The best treatment, is as many people have already mentioned, to reduce lighting duration and intensity until it clears up and then you can start increasing it again. At 4 WPG you are walking a fine line. You are driving your plants to their limit, so any small mistake or nutrient imbalance will be amplified and you will get algae very easily.

The plants will be fine with 6 or 7 hours of 2-3 WPG.

Don't use blackouts as an algae treatment. Blackouts are very harmful for plants, especially high light plants like HC and red plants. The "growth" that people usually notice during the blackout is really just preexisting cells inflating with water and stretching out towards the light. It isn't real growth, and it seriously depletes the plant's stores of sugars, making them less fit to compete against algae.

Reducing the light simply takes away the blooming trigger for green water algae, but keeps the plants satisfied with enough light. The amount of sugar they will make during 6 or 7 hours at half intensity won't be nearly as much as at 4, but it is far better to allow them a period of light so they can grow than remove it from them entirely.
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