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Hi All,

I'm working on my first real 'scaped tank...

I've just completed my hardscape. I filled my tank (10 gallon) with water to see how it would look, and am now debating whether or not to drain it... to avoid potential algae troubles until planting...

Should I drain the tank now, or keep it full and cycling until I decide on the plants I want, and pick up some cheap plants in the meantime to out-compete any algae that might get a head start before planting?

(my CO2 diffuser will arrive in a few days and I am planning on draining most of the tank before I do any planting anyway)

Here is some info on tank specs:

10 gallon tank
Lighting: Coralife fixture 32W CF bulb 10000k/6700k
Substrate: ADA amazonia aquasoil
CO2: Canister injected with diffuser (arriving soon)
Filter: Eheim 2211
Ferts... undecided

For plants I am thinking of some combination of blyxa japonica, HC, Riccia, Anubias nana, and some kind of taller background plant... perhaps myrio tuberculatum... I don't know yet.

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if it's just hardscape at this time, i would drain it. wait until you get your plants and start the process with the cycling and such.

for ferts, i would look into PPS-Pro along with CSM+B for trace, once you get the solutions mixed up, it's pretty easy to keep up with.

good luck and post pics once you get everything setup! :D
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