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Help: Plants with UGF

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When I trimmed some plants from my NPT (with CO2). I planted some of then in a tank with an under-gravel filter and a bio-wheel. This tank does not receive CO2. Since I planted them last week, some of the plants are looking really weak and melting :frusty:. What should I do to help them?

The plants are:
  1. Elodea Densa (Anacharis) - This is the one that's melting
  2. Hygrophila Difformis (Wisteria) - Seems to be OK
  3. Rotala sp. "Colorata" - Seems to be OK
Thank you for your help.

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I'm not sure why the Anacharis would be melting, unless it just has to adjust to no CO2. I had a UG filter until recently on half my tank. I noticed on the half of the tank that had the UG filter plate, that the closer to the PowerHead (where suction/water movement increased) the slower the plants would grow. When I had Hygro difformis right next to the powerhead, it did not grow AT ALL. When I moved it, it exploded with new growth. However, when I planted Ludwigia repens in the same spot, it grew just as well as anywhere else in my tank.

I don't have any educated guess as to why that is.

Thank you very much for your comments, Dave.

I noticed yesterday when changing the water that while most of the leaves melted, the tips of the plants were starting to turn green. Wondering if they're just getting adjusted to the "No CO2" situation like you had mentioned or probably the transplantation shock. Hopefully they'll recover.

Thank you again.

I am using an UGF on my tank. I would like to get it out at some point.. the plants that are closest to it, such as the val, is not growing to swiftly. on the other side of the tank, the val is taking off. My other plants seem to be doing fine though. I add some ferts to the tank and use DIY co2 just starting excel.
I hear you, Sunstar. I'll be pulling out the UGF within the next month. I have mineralized the soil and have it ready for the tank. Just need to find some time and soak the Manzanita wood for the tank.

Like you, I'm dosing some Excel every two days to see if it helps. All of the other plants are growing OK but slower considering the fact that they're dealing with no CO2.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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