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I have no idea what that is. Are they sure it's aquatic?
SO..... did you get some of it? $30 isn't horrid. ($100 is a little steep though).

This looks like a similar plant that I got from Dawn in Fla. She went collecting wild. It didn't make it in my tank. It was very small.
I remember this plant!

Dr. Tran over at Planted Tank got some from a friend from hong kong. "Cost 100USD for a little wad"

Still an unknown plant. Did they having it growing in carpets over there?
yes they did. It was growing as carpet.
I guess it's a Selaginella, perhaps the same species that is often sold as a cheap potted plant: apoda 48.jpg
I don't know if the name S. apoda used in horticulture is correct, because the real S. apoda, Meadow Spike-moss (not a real moss!), native in the U.S., looks different.
However, it's a terrestrial plant.
The last picture in the series looks like a moss---a very large moss. You can see this moss to the right of the mystery plant in picture #2. The mystery plant is a lot smaller, but definitely is not a moss because it has roots. Whatever it is, it looked as though it had been growing emersed. I wouldn't pay 100 bucks for it!
The selaginella called S. "apoda" by gardeners (that IMO may be the same species as the "100 USD plant") is cultivated under the name Selaginella rotundifolia in the botan. garden of Goettingen:

A branch upside down (background: millimeter scale):
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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