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jdigiorgio said:
Hey whats up? Jon Here from DC. You saw my tank when you came over my house after the convention in DC. Everything in my tank is growing well since I switched over to your dosing methods except, my Ammania and Nassea Picadilliata. New leaves are comming in fine, but they are not growing fast as I have had them do in the past, and a few days after the new leaves come in, they are getting black streaks and curling. I dont think it is calcium, adding 4 tsps of equilibrium and my kh and gh are on the high side (KH - 6, GH around 12). If E. stellata, L. Aromatica, M. Umbrossum as well as the glosso is growing like crazy, what could it be? I had these plants when I lived about 25 miles south and they grew about a foot a week!!!! HELP!!!!
Email me off list John!
Cut the GH/KH by 1/2
I grow the Nesaea and the Ammannia fast.

Tom Barr

tcbiii at
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