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General information of the tank:
Life time of the tank :9 months
Size of aqurium :81 x 36 x 50 cm 100l
Witch ground: first iron rich clay and all the Ada minerals some lava rocks on top some akadama and as funnel layer 12 liter of Ada Amazonia.
Hardscape: dragon stones

With bulbs are in use : one
Sylvania T8 18w 590mm Grolux
And diy led 6500k dimmed
Lightning time: 9 hours

Witch filter is in use: sunsun 302 filter external filter
With filter materials: 6 liter lava stones 2 liter ceramic rings
The flow rate of the filter :1000l/h

Co2 system :
Compressed gas co2
Night of : yes
Ph controller : no
Co2 diffuser: inline atomizer
Co2 bubbles per second : 3-4
Running time :9 hours one hours before light one and one houre out before light out

micranthemum sp. monte carlo
rotala rotundifolia
rotala bonsai
ludwigia sp. mini super red
micranthemum micranthemoides
alternanthera reineckii mini
Alternanthera reineckii Rosanervig
blyxa japonica
staurogyne repens

Fish and shrimp
2 Siamese algea eaters
3 amano shrimp
15 neon tetra
1 baby bristlenose pleco
2 Microgeophagus ramirezi electric blue
1 guppy
3 zebra danois

1ppm 3 days a week
1.4ppm no3 in total per day(0.7ppm urea 0.35ppm cano3 0.35 ppm mgno3)
Potassium 1.5 ppm every day
Micro mix daily Fe - 0.05 ppm (gluconate , EDTA, DTPA, EDDHMA)
Mn - 0.029 ppm
Zn - 0.00285 ppm
Cu - 0.0017 ppm
B - 0.0014 ppm
Ni - 0.000143 ppm
Co - 0.000143 ppm
Ti - 0.00043 ppm

Water changes:
Every week 40%
After we 6ml excel
RO water reconstruction:
Mg - 8 ppm (anhydrous MgSO4)
K - 20 ppm (K2SO4)
No Ca because in my tank it is always high

No heater

Algea information
Is started with dry start the plant growth was good then I filled the tank and I didn't dose anything no algae but the plants growth was extremely slow later that week I had diatoms so I started with full EI dosing this was a mistake because it was a iwagumi with a low plant mass. Had this algae almost 5 months and is was always dosing full EI ther came GDA and clado .4 months ago I found a cure for my clado lower the po4 it was super high and lowered my calsium it was 80ppm so that problem was solved now 3 months ago I found happi post these helped me super good it say that high no3 can cause GDA so I made his nitrogen fert and it was amazing I had no algea just a little bit Staghorn and thread algae but the plants growth was super fast so one week later I had almost no algea just a little bit hear algae. But now today I have mutch GSA what I never had so pleas can you help me with that

Water in aqurium
measured at: 16/05/2016
Water temperature 22-23 °C
Ph: 6-7
No2 <0.01
Ca 40ppm (what i don't understand
Because is use 100% RO and don't dose
Gh 8
Mg 10ppm
Kh 0-1
Nh4 <0.05
Po4 0.5 ppm

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