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i was hoping someone could help me with my attempt at a DIY water change system.

i live in an apartment and having a python connected to the kitchen sink, then running over the bar, through the dining room, isn't working out... luckily my laundry room is 10-15 feet from my tank and has connections and drainage for my washing machine that i think i can use.

basically, all i am looking for is two tubes, one that will put water in the tank and one that will drain water simultaneously. i would then keep the tubes attached and hidden in the laundry room and bring them out for the water change... ideally i would like to be able to set the water temperature as well.

i have attached below a picture of my faucet and drainage as well as a value i found at home depot for setting water temperature. notice i have two free pipes coming out of the wall. i think this may have been put in in case extra faucets were needed? if so that would be perfect...

where i really need help is with all the connectors, motors, tubing, etc that i would need to make this work. i really have no idea about plumbing and am not sure what i need to go out and purchase.

any help would really be appreciated,




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Are those open pipes sticking out of the wall? If so, they are not connected to the plumbing that is serving the washer, or else water would be coming out of them. :-s

Here is how I do it:

Water is drained out of the tank into a storage bin or a 5 gallon bucket on the floor. A fountain pump connected to a garden hose removes this water and drains it to the garden, mostly downhill, so a small pump is all that is needed. Just enough to get the flow going, then it siphons. In your case you would need a slightly stronger pump to go uphill to dump the water into a sink or bathtub. You might be able to use the waste pipe for the washer if it is an open type of connection.

Refill in your case would probably be easier with the python, yes it is a hassle draping it through the house. However, you could get a simultaneous empty and refill going this way.

There may be other options, but since you are renting (Apartment, you said) I would not want to make any permanent plumbing changes, and any temporary ones are subject to leaking. Do you have any friends who are plumbers? They could look at the situation and probably come up with better answers.
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