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about 16 months ago I bought 15 vallisneria spiralis. Shortly after I got them I replaced the substrate with 60 lbs. of CaribSea Eco Complete. I also started using Seachem Flourish root tabs, and started dosing about twice a week with Seachem Flourish (liquid).

1 24" t8 fluorescent 17 watt 8,000k

For awhile, the plants were doing good, but I developed a horrible algae problem, and I stopped dosing with the liquid Flourish. Over the next year or so, the plants started to slowly die off. I moved the remaining plants to the corner of the tank a few months ago, and within the last few weeks I started dosing the liquid Flourish twice every week, and I added more Seachem Flourish root tabs.

Is there anything more I can do to help my plants to excel?
At some point soon, I want to add more plants.

Also what can I do to help my Marimo grow.

Also, I read in another post that running an air stone during the day will kill off the co2 that the fish are creating. I run 2 2' air stones, as well as an air line powered sponge filter. If I don't run the air pump, there is no surface agitation at all, the water is completely still.

Below is a picture of when I first got my plants, and a more recent picture of the remaining plants. Notice the discoloration on the plants.


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How large is your tank? I see a couple of issues with your set up. If all the light you have is a l7W bulb, you're lacking light. Anubias are about the only thing I would recommend trying with that kind of lighting. Don't fertilize too much, because you don't have the lighting to drive the plants to grow.

Yes, running an air stone will drive off CO2, and you do not want that to happen, especially if you're not providing any to the plants. Air powered sponge filters are not the best for planted tanks. Remember that Vals and Excel (liquid C source), do not mix well.

I have no experience with Marimo balls.

You might want to read this over, it's very informative.
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