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For some reason..I was thinking I needed to know my GH or KH as well as other elements and adjust dosing. :rolleyes:
I wish to bring this back because I think I'm thinking along the same lines... perhaps.. even if still wrong;)

I was told (don't know for sure, still trying to find out) that every three years the water districts are supposed to do a more detailed analysis of their water, basically more than what is in their yearly report.

If this report (if it exists) tells me how many ppm of K is in the water couldn't I then use the Fertilator to determine how many grams of chemical it would take to reach that concentration and subtract that amount from the PPS-pro recipe? Perhaps get me closer so I don't have to adjust things as much in the beginning? I just use K as an example

I'm just now starting to get things figured out w/ stump remover, Flourish, and squirting enema water into the tank. As of last night though, I have a gram scale and and several baggies of powdery substances! WooHoo!

Just wondering if this line of thinking is uhhh... errrr... stupid?

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