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Cavan, your efforts on the plant finder are invaluable to me. That is the best compilation of aquatic plants and their characteristics I have ever seen. PlantGeek may cover more plants, but the quality isn't anything close to that of the Plant Finder here. In fact the PlantFinder is the primary reason I chose this forum to remain in when I became too busy to participate on multiple forums.
PlantFinder was how I found this forum in the first place. It came up in a google search when I was thinking about trying planted tanks awhile back. Invaluable is right! :clap2:

I don't suppose there will be a hardcopy of it in the future to place on my bookshelf? (Has this already been done and I just missed it?) Of coarse, you could leave out the Genus "Pop" in the hardcopy...

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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