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I guess I never did do this when I first joined, so I'll do it now....

I am 46 and live in northern Minnesota out in the woods with my husband of 14 years.
We have 2 horses, a Paint and a QH (Zeus and Lisa), 1 German Shorthair (Otis), 1 Sheltie (Dodie), 2 African Grey parrots (Howard and Henry), and all kinds of wild critters that wander through our yard.

I work in the explosives industry and have been with the same employer for over 20 years.

We have 11 tanks that range from 2 gallon to 125 gallon – all planted in one form or another. Our fish consist of…
Hongsloi Apisto’s, Agazi Super Red Apisto’s, Bettas, Kribs, Yellow Labs, Syno Eupterous (Feather Fins), Rudiger the nasty Angel, 8 Bristlenoses (+ who knows how many fry), 1 Peckoltia Pleco, 2 African Butterfly fish, SAE’s, False SAE’s, Cory’s (and who knows how many fry), a striped and a spotted Raphael, Upside down cats, Kuhli Loaches, Bala’s, Silver Dollars, 26 Rummy nose Tetra’s, Cherry Barbs, Cardinal Tetras, Amano Shrimp, Cherry shrimp, & Oto’s.
I've been doing the fish thing for over 25 years, and plants seriously for around 3 years.

We enjoy nature and wildlife, bird feeding, photography, biking, canoeing, gardening, houseplants (especially cacti), classic rock music, and hubby’s biggest hobby is competition shooting. You can pretty much guess what my biggest hobby is…..
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