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Hey all! My name is Del Goins. For those of you who know me, great, I don't need to tell you any more now do I? For those who don't, I'm the webmaster for

It all started in 1979 with my first 2 gallon bucket/tank. I just local collected Killie's, minnows and plants from the streams in eastern Kentucky where I grew up. Didn't have a lot of success at first, learned about filtration later that summer, and then was given my first real tank by my sister later that fall. Been keeping fish and plants ever since with a few brief lapses while I was in the military and deployed for extended durations.

I'm actually a senior engineer for Silicon Graphics where I do such fun things as design memory sub-systems and optimize super computers for the USAF, USGS and NASA. One of the trade offs with being in the middle of no where is that I have a lot of free time on my hands.

After I moved out here I went looking for a close source for good plants. The LFSs at the time had no selection at all. That's when I found that was close. I stopped by and started trading computer services for plants. It just grew from there and so you have me here now.

If you ever have any questions about something from our company, feel free to send me a private message and I will respond just as quick as I can.
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