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Hey all! Lets see....I guess this all started back when I was a kid and recieved a betta for a birthday present. I loved that fish and had it for years, untill one day it commited suicide! After that my parents got me a one or two gallon hex....then probably a 20, but I dont remember really. Kept lots of community fish in it for another couple years at least. One day, my sister won a goldfish at some funtion and convinced me to put it in my tank. What harm could there be right?? Well every fish proceeded to die, except for the goldfish. I had that single goldfish in that tank for a long, long time! By the time it died I had lost interest in aquariums. Many years past, I am now 24, and in summer 2003 I relented and we got a ten gallon with some tiger barbs. I followed my LFS advice and didnt change the water so that the "cycle" could complete. All our fish died. I decided that I was going to do this right and jumped online. Planted tanks really drew my interest and I discovered APD and shortly thereafter this new site called Aquatic Plant Central caught my eye. They had a "Local Biotopes" section and I was in to collecting local plants for my tank. Ive been hooked ever since. I read and read and read and decided on a 75 gallon planted community tank. From there we have also aquired a 40 gallon, 29 gallon, two more ten gallons, a 100 gallon, three bettas, and another either 75 or 100 is in the works for Christmas. I really love the aquascaped tanks, but right now I have the collectors bug....just cant get enough different species of plants. The 75 is so packed full I can hardly see the fish! Anyway this forum is the greatest, and I just cant get enough! Hopefully I will make it the the AGA convention next year and get to meet everyone!
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