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HEY PEOPLE... LETS START TRADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As you all know aquiring new plants that are healthy is hard to come by. Don't even mention trying to find those "hard to find" plants. If you do find them, they cost a fourtune!!! I suggest that since were all in this together lets start sharing what we have. I know that I rather trade with you guys then donate them to the LFS or trash what I dont use.

I trim my tank every two - three weeks. It is a 150 gal show tank. Thats 4 ft long 2 feet deep and 30 inches tall.

The plants that I have in the tank for trade are;



I KNOW I probably left out alot, but its a start. Let me know what you guys and gals have and willing to trade.

Looking especially for
limnophila aromatica
shinnersia rivularis
potamogeton gayi
nesaea crassicaulis and/or pedicellatahydrothrix gardneri
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Re: lets trade

jdigiorgio said:
Hey Naomi, You might want to look up in your phone book for green houses or nurseries, those that might sell pond supplies as well. You would be amazed at how many plants they sell in the emersed form. On another note, Does anyone have or know anywhere I can get Limnophila aromatica? I am almost at the point where I have to order the emersed form from a green house in Canada, but would rather not.

Also Naomi, how mush is your LFS asking for the blue shrimp?
I got my blue shrimp for $2.59 a pop. OTOH, tiger shrimp were $3.49 or 3 for $10. Weird... How did you know I had blue shrimp :?:

My LFS does sell the emersed L. aromatica, but if you read my first post in this thread, I explained what happened when I sent them to two people. Apparently, this plant has serious problems transitioning from emersed to submersed form. In fact, I lost a lot of money when I made a guarantee that I shouldn't have. Sent the second person L. aromatica, L. ovalis, and R. macranda 'narrow-leaf' (total being over $16 with tax and $3.85 for shipping). The plants made it to him in two days but in the following two days, all of the plants disintegrated. So I basically wasted $20 of my own money. After that disaster, I decided to drop my so-called "guarantee" and not to send the L. aromatica any more. You might have better luck if you receive some from somebody who's already got a submersed culture going.

Thanks for the tip about checking out the nurseries. Do you know if they would go by their scientific names or some common name that would leave me absolutely clueless?

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Not aromatica, but when I was at a conference in San Francisco this early december, I picked up some emersed broad leaf stelleta. Because of my schedule, these plants stayed in my hotel for a few days before returning to southern california with me. Not a single problem. ..I now have 8-9 small stems of emersed growth in my tanks :)
lets trade

I saw you on another thread asking about the blue shrimp. I saw Naomi and took a shot you were the same person. Small World. I think that at a nursery, they would ONLY have the scientific names. I know thatLowes and Home Depot have the tags with both.

So where you talking about L. Aromatica or broad leaf Stellata that your LFS has in emerged form? Either way I would be interested in either one. Also I would not hold you to any "gurantee" if you were kind enough to ship them in the first place.

I just picked up some Ludwigia pantanale!!! A beautiful plant!!! First time I have ever seen it for sale!! If it does as well as all my other Ludwigia. I should have an abundance of that one.
L. Aromatica Anyone?

Just got some BAD news and good news. The bad news is that the ludwigia sp. "pantanal" that I ordered, will not be available for three weeks!!! But the person that I am dealing with is placing his order on Friday and I asked him if he could get L. Aromatica. He said he could but it is a special order since he claims it does not sell well where he is. If any of you want some, please let me know by Friday. I would be willing to pick it up and mail it out to you guys, but You would have to pay the shipping. What is USPS priority now? 3.95 or 4. 50? Something like that. If anyone knows, please tell me or I will go the the post office and find out. The plants should be about 4.00 a bunch, the more orders the cheaper so let me know by friday. If interested send me an email with your info and how many you want. Checks or money orders only. Thanks
Priority Mail is $3.85 for up to 1 lb. Beyond that, it depends entirely on where the recipient lives. Some people like to have delivery confirmation. That's another $0.45 for Priority Mail.

You can go to and do postage calculation.

Re: lets trade

jdigiorgio said:
I just picked up some Ludwigia pantanale
Who are you dealing with ?. Where did you get this plant ?
lets trade

I am getting the plants from a friend who imports from Signapore. He sold the last 2 before I found out, so now I have to wait three weeks. Hoping they grow like weeds and I can share with all of you. It would be great to bring the Price down here in the US. I have seen these plants and Lud. sp. Cuba selling between 40 and 50 dollars!!!!
gnome said:
Is this true of the Lowe's in California? I've been noticing that California seems to be particularly restrictive in what plants they'll allow in.
I don't know if California would ban this plant, but it's worth a check with Lowes to find out.

Also, would they sell this plant in emersed form? I would prefer to get the submersed form, if possible.
With the exception of a few, all the plants offered by Lowes are emersed grown -- travel & display better. The submersed and emersed forms of H. pallustris are quite similar. The only difference is that the emersed form crawls while the submersed form favors vertical growth. As far as leaves are concerned, I can't distinguish the emersed from the submersed leaves. The plant doesn't require an acclimatization-to-submersed-growth period either IME.
Good news - I won the auction for the H. palustris! But yesterday I checked out Home Depot's gardening section. They didn't have any pond plants. The only plant that looked remotely like Hottonia palustris was Euryops pectinatus viridis ("Euryop daisy") and I knew *that* wasn't it. Next time I'm at Lowe's or any place with a water gardening section, I'll definitely check. Thanks for the tip! Good to know that if I have the same terrible luck with this bunch, I can find more from a local source.

Congratulations on winning the auction Naomi.

The pond section is only available during the summer months, so I am not surprised that you couldn't find anything pond-related this time of year. :wink: Nonetheless, Lowes has a more varied selection of pond plants than Home Depot does around here. Another store you can try when summer rolls around is Pike's Family Nursery. This past year, I found Marsilea quadrifolia, Bacopa carolina, Lobelia cardinalis (dwarf & normal forms), Sauruus cernuus, Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea', and Gratiola officinalis/Limnophila aromatica (white flowers) on sale.

lets trade

Anyone willing to part with some L. Aromatica?
anyone wants hair grasses(E. vivipara)??? i have a lot. let me know what u have or trade for a 2" red tonina if u have it!!! :wink:
Hi anyone out there able to trade/sell plants to England
This is always a good thing...just bumping it back up as the snow and frost will be dimming down before we know it.
I have L. aromatica and would like to trade for R. macranda 'green.' Please pm me.

gnome said:
Anybody know if the same thing happens with the submerse-grown stuff? I once got a piece of healthy, submersed Hottonia palustris and it mushed away in a matter of days. I guess some plants just don't take to transplantation too well.
I got some of this plant and the same thing happened. I had it for about 3 weeks and one day it just started to die and disappear. But I did buy some more from another person and it has been doing very well. I started out with about 5 stems and now I have a very nice little bush of about 8 stems and will soon clip and replant!!!
Mystery plant

Hey, I'm looking to trade this plant, I just don't know what it is. Anyone?
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