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technically speaking from malaysia, but i've been in england and now am in australia, studying for a masters in aquaculture!

i've always wanted aquariums, especially planted ones, but the high cost of CO2 systems and the hassle of algae after fertilisation has always put me february i convinced my family to obtain a 6ft fish tank with which i stocked with over 70 community fish (neon, glolite, rummynose, penguin tetras, swordtails, guppys, mollies, glass catfish, etcetcetcetc). The plants that are there are doing 'just alright', and due to the 'cheap and cheerful' nature of the LFSs it hasn't been easy trying to read up or identify even what plants i have stocked the tank with.
additionally, i've taken a liking to crustaceans, having stocked 3 redclaw crayfish in the tank (with disastrous results for the plant life, a couple of idiot fish, and the cray which jumped out, dried out and died). i found some ghost shrimp at a LFS which are used as feeders, and stocked them with my community fish, and so far they have been doing well. i found some cherry shrimp as well, but they didn't last long, presumebly eaten by the now given-away crayfish or getting sucked into the filter (i hadn't drawn a mesh/stocking over it at that time)

moving on to the present, i am in a rented house now and will be in university halls later on, so have only recently indulged in a 14liter tank (about 3 gallons!), and also from a garage sale a 2ft tank.
At the moment the 2ft is sitting out in the sun filled with water and taking a bit of a sunbath, and the small tank has very recently been stocked with one very small banana lilie, one gold cloud minnow, and one glolite tetra (which hasn't regained its 'glo' yet). I plan to complete a diy filter/volume extension to the small tank before proceeding to future plant and stock it up, but that all has to wait till the main body of assignments are over, booo!

Anyhow, heres to say hiyah to you all and hopefully to educate myself in the lore of aquaplanting and further my knowledge in the general fishkeeping arena!


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Welcome to APC :D

You can have a low tech, which needs no C02 & very little ferts. This might be the route to go for you.
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