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Hello all :

I have been into the plants for some time now butt i still lack the luster that i desire hopen to gane more understanding with the help from this forum
I have 75 gal. that i have been running some successful for 17 months now before it was kill the tank every three month so i am getting better at finally
I runn pressurize co2 with a pinpoint controller ,icecap ballast with no out put bulbs 5oook chroma 50 tank temp 80 degrees phosphate and nitrate unkow dont have test kits right now kh 8 degrees gh unknown
I have been doing this pretty much on my own and by feel which test kit would u suggest that i buy and i like seachem the most ferts. and what ever they make like flourite right now i just need to know about testing thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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