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Hi everyone!

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After barging into a chat last night on Planted, I figured it's time to introduce myself!
My name is Camille, and I live in Northeastern PA. This summe, our son won a feeder goldfish at a fair. A friend of mine happened to be over and was conveniently storing some things at our house. She told me that fish couldn't stay in the cup it was in, and helped me get it settled in a little bowl. Then, she sent me an email about how gf shouldn't be kept in bowls. She also had a 30g and a 10g aquarium in our basement that she offered to help me set up. Well, long story short, I came home one day and the gf was happily paddling around in the 30g!
Since then, I've added 6 cories and 6 white clouds to that aquarium. Then I bought a Betta, which I put in the 10g with 3 Otos. Now the feeder is about 5-6" long and was just put in a 50g stock tank in the living room! Many, many plants have found their way into all of the aquariums! I've also learned more about water chemistry and plant physiology than I ever learned while getting my minor in biology! (Still finishing that up)
A few months ago, I couldn't even keep a strand of anachris alive. Now, I've got plants sending out runners everywhere!
Great to be here, and what a helpful bunch of people! I had a leak in my new stock tank last night at about 11pm and rushed into a chat room to get help, which I did.
Greetings everyone!
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Thanks! Nice to find such a great bunch of helpful people!
Aw well, shucks! Lots and lots of reading! He's in the pond now, awaiting his new comet friends to go through quarantine so they can all school together! If all goes well, they'll all go outside in a nice new pond in the spring, for the warmer months. My 30g looks so empty now, with all the plants, little fish and no huge one causing havoc!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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