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The name's Bert. I'm 51, as a friend says 'the time when the hair in the ears grows faster than the one on your head'. I live in Alachua, Fl (just outside of Gainesville and the University of Florida - GO GATORS!), with my wife of 21 years, our son, 3 cats, and 3 tanks(29, 10, 10). I am a research lab manager/cell culturist. I also do natural history and fine art photography which I sell at art shows throughout Fl and Ga. (See my website:

I have kept tanks since I was a teenager, mostly livebearers. I always loved the pics in Axelrod's old books showing planted tanks. I would go out and buy an Amazon sword and watch it slowly shrink down to about an inch high before chucking it and starting over. Except for hornwort, I couldn't grow squat! Then about 3 years ago I discovered some of the forums on line dealing with planted tanks. Now all my tanks are loaded with plants, and the fish have never been healthier. :) I am still learning, and though I will never win any scaping awards, I am enjoying the heck out of my tanks!
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