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Hi from Asti

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Hello .
I have see your Wonderful forum and I can't resist to register myself .

I have just started with Estimative Index ( and not from too long with Aquarium ) and I think this Is the place to know how Much is possible .

See you :D

Ciao .
Io ho visto il visto il vostro splendido Forum e non ho potuto fare a meno di registrarmi .

Ho appena iniziato con l' Estimative Index ( e non da molto tempo in più con gli acquari a dire il vero ) e credo che questo sia proprio il posto giusto per approfondire l' argomento il più possibile .


p.s. ( the traslation is non perfect but I not too good with English )
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ops .
first topic first error ...

Sorry :)
Welcome! It's good to have people from all over the world to talk to about this hobby! Glad you registered!

Welcome to APC webgandalf, Italy in the house.
Our APC community has members from all parts of the world.
Enjoy the site
Nice to meet you! I think you'll like it here. :)
Bienvenuto! Hope you feel welcome here.

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