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Hi from Australia

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Im from Australia and live on the sunshine coast.
I have kept aquariums for a bit over 5 years now and set up my first proper planted tank 6 months ago. I am currently looking at rescaping this tank and have a few questions to ask.
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Hi plantboy3,

Welcome to APC. You have found the right place for useful information provided by friendly, helpful folks. When you get a chance share a little about your tank(s) and how you got started with planted aquariums. Glad you are here!
Welcome! I would love to see your tank.

There are many people here that can answer lots of questions. Ask away! :D
Welcome to APC!
Yes, make yourself at home and feel free to ask questions as you go. :)
Welcome to the forum, mate. You've come to the right place to share and learn about planted aquariums. The folks in this forum are great.
Thanks everyone

I currently have 3 tanks (might look into a planted nano soon though) I have a 150L Aquaone Ar 850 community tank which is planted with lowlight plants mainly crypts, java ferns and anubias. I also have a 140L fish only marine tank and my 40L planted tank. I have always kept plants in my tanks since i started (except for the marine tank) and have always had an intrest in them (my mums a keen gardener and use to manage nurseries). About a year ago i started reading about differnet planted tanks and aquascapers such as Takashi Amano. Then 6 months ago i decided to set up my own planted tank which was very succesful for the first 5 months but lately its develpoed some more algae and had a case of crypt melt, So i decided im going to rescape it.
Welcome to APC :D

Algae is hard to avoid in a newly setup tank. Try getting to the root of the problem instead of redoing the tank.
I worked out the algae species and it is thread algae. From what ive read excess iron in the water column is a possible reason. Although i only dose seachem flourish and Excel. I had always planned on only keeping this scape going for 6 months as i always have new ideas to try out and new plant species to grow. This is my only proper planted set up (I would have more but I need parents permission first and that doesnt come easy) so i have to make do with what i have.
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