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Hi from downunder

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I live in Adelaide, Australia. I recently moved house, and am in the process of re-setting up my 4ft high tech planted tank.
Came across this forum and might give the PPS system a try for dosing.
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G'day mate and welcome to the forums spent many years living in Adelaide lovely place. Theres a ton of info here and some very knowledgable people lurking around.
:welcome: to APC

WOW 4ft tall tank.
That is some beast.

I hope you take LOTS of pictures for us all to see.
Oh, maybe I read that wrong. :rolleyes:

at first glance my brain read "4ft high tank" :loco:

and immediatly thought of a 4ft tall tank. :help:
Then I went back to read "4ft high tech tank" and now realize you probably mean a 48" tank that will be set up HIGH TECH with Co2, High light and the whole shebang :thumbsup:

Anyway, Welcome, glad to have you :peace:

Oh and we still WANT PICS :supz:
Hello Ben... Welcome to APC :tea:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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