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Hi from Eau Claire, WI

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I've been a bit of a lurker on this site for a few years now and have finally gotten my life to a pace I can really start to slow down and participate. I'm not new to freshwater aquariums or to planted tanks, but never found the time to really immerse myself(no pun intended) into the hobby. I'm an automotive technician, living with my soon to be fiance, and our 2 Siamese cats. I'm of course a bit of a computer addict(I'm here aren't I...), always surfing the web for info on the stuff I like, mostly cars, music and fish. I've always been into aqua-culture, fish, natural biotopes, and seeing them in their naturally occurring habitats. One reason I got back into the hobby, besides having the time again, was seeing a small underground-fed pool with all sorts of common 'pet-store' fish while on vacation in Mexico.

I've recently restarted my 29 gal tank as a bit of an exercise to get back into the swing of things before I take on retrofitting my oceanic 110 to be a fully operational and viable planted tank. The tank is showing some new tank woes after cycling and has minor algae in the form of diatoms and a little thread algae in the bushier plants. But anyway, here she goes...


29 Gal. tank
H.O.T. Magnum canister filter
Coralife CF fixture with 55w 6700K bulb
Generic Fixture w/ 20w T-8 Flora-Glo bulb
DIY CO2 w/ Powerhead Diffuser
Eco-Complete Black Substrate
Rock and Driftwood Hardscape


Anubias Nana Narrow Leaf
Anubias Nana Petite
Crypt. Wendtii Red
Egeri Najas
Hygrophila Difformis
Java Moss
Narrow-Leaf Chain Sword
Needle Leaf Java Fern
Red Temple
Ricca Fluitans
Unknown Vallisneria (I forgot)


Panda Corys
Blue Rams
Black Neon Tetras
Kuhli Loaches

Hardscape(w/ plastic plants for fish comfort)

Just after first Planting

+1 Week
Some plants are taking off very well, and others are still getting settled. The chain sword is working on getting some good root structure after removal from the pot. The Red Temple in the back is still trying to straighten out which way it is heading, when I got it, the shoots were heading every direction. If it doesn't pan out I may replace it with something and grow it out in another tank til it is in good enough condition to put in. The little ricca patch is being eaten more than growing, and I've been thinking about putting a red lotus that I have in another tank in its place. And finally, the Val in the back (behind the center wood piece) is barely growing for itself, I'm not sure what I will do yet as an alternative, possibly some crypt balansae. Overall I'm happy so far.

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Welcome to the forum. A very nice tank. Are you planning on adding any foreground plants?
I'm waiting on the foreground until I replace the disappearing ricca patch with a red lotus and seeing how it fills in, as well as how the chain sword takes off. If it still needs something, maybe some HC or glosso. I actually like having that area a bit open aesthetically, as well as for feeding and viewing of my bottom-dwellers.
Eco-mod, Welcome to APC! I'm glad you finally decided to join in on the discussion. It looks like you have some good experience and info to share. Your tank looks good. Are you going to start a journal in the Journal forum, or are you waiting until you get the 110 up and running? Can't wait to see it.

I put up a near identical thread in the journals section for the 29g and will update it every week if at all possible. Clicky Once I get all the stuff for the 110g I will have a more formal journal from start to finish as it will be a far more involved project. Its an Oceanic w/ the corner overflow that I had already modified to quiet down the 'Waterfall', and now will be further changing it to nearly eliminate it to reduce CO2 loss. I also will be making a custom sump out of a 15g tank for some mechanical and bio filtration, as well as placement for my CO2 reactor and heater, before going into my lifeguard series filtration setup. It will be alot of work, but I am really looking forward to it.
Welcome to APC! Your tank looks good. :)

I think you're about the closest person to me on this board, and we must still be about 200+ miles north of you.
Welcome to APC :D Your tank is looking good.
Glad to meet you!:yo: What an improvement over your plastic! What is eating your riccia? I looked at your fish list and don't seen anything that I would think would eat it. I always like to learn. :D
Finally someone else from Wisconsin, I thought I was the only one. Nice tank.
As far as the ricca went, the rams would occasionally pick at it, not sure why. However, I then found out that a certain small black molly had successfully hid when I took most of the fish out during the planting, and had not joined the rest of his kind in my other small tank. So I suspect he did most of it. I still haven't caught the bugger... His ninja skills are strong.

On the plant side... The Ludwiga(which I seem to have left off the plant list), Rotala, and the Egeri are very strong, and already had a minor trimming. The Vals in the back are starting to show some promise, and the Hygro is starting to stretch a bit. Red temple is still kinda bleh. It's trying but just not doing a whole lot. Minor algae in the form of spot and hair, which is to be expected, but I am doing well as far as minimizing it. Overall still very happy, and get lots of praise from those who see it.

And thanks for the welcome!
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