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Hi from INDIA

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I am Amitava Chakraborty from Kolkata / India.

I am into this hobby since childhood but the plant addiction is only 2 years old.

I am a software developer by profession.

Pls. share your queries, knowledge and problems with me.
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Welcome to APC Amitava! Please use the Member Map so that we know we have a friend in India.
Welcome to APC, glad to have you join us :D
Kolkata--I don't know that city in India, but I hope you haven't been hurt (either in person or family/friends) by the tsunami. The news has been about the most horrifying disaster ever and I can only hope that the "tidal wave' of suffering stops--and never reaches you.

Planted tanks are much nicer news...


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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