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Hi from Lynn, Mass

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Hi all,

I’m new to the planted tank screen and am looking forward to getting started. I’ve been involved in reef tanks for a few years and came across the ADA site while exploring a new set-up. I am struck by how beautiful the planted tanks are. Quite a difference from the tanks I had as a kid with blue gravel and a sunken pirate ship. :D

I purchased a MINI S set-up and will be looking to you guys for advice.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome To APC,
Funny that your going into planted tanks from reef tanks. I'm going in opposite direction, but keeping my planted tanks and starting a new 55g mixed reef. Good luck with your new tank. I'm sure it'll do great with a mindset of a reefer; planted tanks are pretty close to what your used to (little more artistic touch). I'm Jeff.:p:. on :D

We're trying also to get a meeting going in Boston for planted tanks. It be great if we could get more on board.
Lynn, Lynn city of sin.

Welcome from Newt in Framingham.
Welcome to APC Ted!

I too have reef tanks, and planted tanks. As stated, they're pretty close when it comes to the level of difficulty.
Hello Ted... Welcome to APC :p

Be warned, planted tanks are very addictive!
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