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Hi From New Delhi India

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:) Hi Everybod,

I am from New Delhi India and have moderate experience with planted aquariums and ponds , I am willing to help memebers of this forum by posting my experience for a planted aquarium set up and specially planted ponds...

Best Wishes to All

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Welcome to APC :razz: ... Always glad to have knowledgeable people to help answers question.
Welcome to APC, joyban. Will you tell us what the status of planted aquaria is in New Delhi? Are products widely available? Are there any planted tank clubs in New Delhi? Do you have any photographs of your aquariums that you could share with us?
It's great to have members from all over the world. Welcome! Can you tell us of native aquatic plant species in India? Do you ever go out on collecting trips?
Welcome to the forum, i'm glad to came across APC.
Welcome to the board joyban!

It will be nice to have you share your expertise in the pond plant area too. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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