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Hi from Philippines!

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Hi guys! I just registered in APC. And I am LOVING it!:D

Btw, my name is Alvin and I'm from the Metro Manila, Philippines!
I started this aquarium hobby 2 years ago, but I just got into planted tanks recently.
hope to meet fellow aqua-hobbyists here!:D
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Kumasta ka! That's all the tagalog I know, other than the bad stuff :)

welcome aboard!
You going back to the RP? I always wanted to see if they have any more exotic stuff in their fish stores...... You would think there's a bunch of local plants that would be suitable to the tropical aquarium. My Dad would point out some plant in my aquarium from time to time and tell me he used to see something like that in the river when they were washing clothes.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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