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Hi i'm new here and i'll tell you a lil bout myself.

I'm 21 years old i'm a mom and i have about a zillion hobbies one of which is obviously aquarium related stuff.

I originally got into planted aquariums when i saw some plants at the pet store near me. Then as it usually does it landslided and next thing i know i've got three tanks fully planted and getting ready to raise my baby red crystal shrimplets.

I have a 10 gallon with plenty of plants and terrace type aquascape i've got amandae tetras and loaches along with some amanos and my newly parented red crystal shrimp. (7 shrimplets is the last count)

I have a 2 or so gallon aquarium which is technically my hubbys but i take care of it and he's got a few tetras in there (rummy nose and head and light tetras) along with an amano and we are growing some java moss that we are growing on some lava rock.

I also have a 5 gallon that i'm currently cycling for my red crystal shrimp so they can have a tank of their own.

I'm currently getting intrested in DIY co2 so any advice on that would be welcome. And anyone with info on how to raise the crystals is welcome!!

I hope to get to know you guys better in the future.


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First, welcome to the forum, Mary. It's great that you're enjoying the hobby and you have found the best location for the AHAs (Aquarium Hobbyists Anonymous) :cool:

Anyway, I have two of my tanks with DIY CO2 and it usually lasts about 3 weeks. Here's a link that's very popular for DIY CO2. However, here's how I did it:

Parts Needed:
1. 2-liter Soda Bottle(s)
2. Airline Tubing
3. Check Valve (to prevent water flow into the bottle)
4. Sugar
5. Yeast (I use Fleischmann RapidRise)
6. Baking Soda

Use a 1/4 inch drill to drill a hole in the soda bottle lid. Squeeze the airline tubing into the lid so that about an inch of the tube us showing up on the other side. I did not use any sealant as there was a tight fit. Some folks use sealant. Add the check valve just above the lid. You're all set now.

Take a funnel and fill 3/4 of the bottle with dechlorinated water. Pour in 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 tsp of baking soda into the bottle and shake it until all the sugar is dissolved. With the cup 1/2 filled with luke warm dechlorinated water, add about 1 tsp of yeast and let it sit for about 10 minutes. You'll start seeing some bubbling. Pour the yeast mix into the bottle and shake it. You're ready to go.

You can add the other end of the tube to any of the following:
1. CO2 Diffuser
2. Feed it to a powerhead or a filter's air intake
3. Feed it to the intake of a filter (may be noisy)

Hope others will pitch in for additional comments.

Good Luck and welcome again.
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