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Hi, I am from Talkeetna Alaska

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Hi all, I have had fish tanks for many years and now own a 55 gallon tank and a 10 gallon. I have been struggling with BBA for over a year now after having tanks for almost 30 years. I have never had this problem before and am not sure what has changed to cause it. I have already learned a lot from this site and hope to continue to learn more and get control of this problem. I started using Flourish excel last week and hope it helps.
Living here in Alaska it is hard to get a good selection of plants so I don't have a lot of variety. I would love to have a heaviliy planted tank but struggle with the lack of plants available.
I love the tanks I have seen here and hope to some day have one as beautiful
I live in a very small community and have to go 100 miles to get anything for my tanks and even there in "the city" there is only one fish store and it is only OK.
I live with my husband, 2 dogs and my fish tanks which help keep me sane in these cold dark winters.
I look forward to spending time here learning as much as I can.
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Hi brownietrout,

Brrrr! Welcome to APC! The Flourish Excel should help get rid of the BBA, it takes a couple of weeks but it works. By the time you get a few posts under your belt, and thereby accumulate some plant points, the weather should be getting better up there, hopefully before "Ice-Out". Then you can have safely ship some of the plants available in the "For Sale/Trade" forum here at APC up there.

I have never made to Talkeetna, but I have been to Wasilla and Willow! BTW, it's quite a drive from Anchorage to get to Denali, I figured a couple, three hour drive, was I ever wrong! Got to Willow and had to turn around. Getting much daylight up there yet?
Hey Seattle Aquarist, thanks for the hello. I live about 35 miles north of Willow.
We are getting more sun every day but it really doesn't seem like it yet. I am really looking forward to warmer weather!
If I do get this tank doing better I will look forward to getting some more plants. I need to go check out the plant sale/swap forum, that's exciting since I can get so little up here.
I have lots to learn about planted aquariums and may want to start this one over with a proper substrata etc. Will have to read and learn more before I do that.
Looking forward to a beautiful planted tank some day istead of a struggling one :)
Welcome Laurie!! Glad you found us. This is THE BEST place to get plants. I have gotten some really rare things from hobbyists here. I have always received healthy beautiful plants and generous portions. I'm sure, when the weather warms up, you will be fighting the urge to "get the next one you see" just like I do.
Welcome to APC Laurie!
My husband made another trip to your fine state in September, and did a 10 day trip down the Yukon/Charlie rivers, then visited some friends near North Pole.
They all love it there and plan to go again.
Welcome to the forum, Laurie.
Thanks everyone! I am glad to have found this place!
Welcome to APC :cheer2: Don't think I could stand living in the dark for months!
where I live it is not totally dark in the winter but we do get down to about 4-5 hours of daylight and the sun never gets above tree tops. You do get used to it but you also get tired of it by spring and are ready for those long summer days!
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