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Hi I am Mike from Lebanon Ohio

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I am sooo glad to have been invited to the site. A great customer of mine gave me the website. I look forward to chatting with everyone
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Welcome cmtdbr32,

I hope you come to enjoy APC has much as I have. Lots of good information and helpful people.
Hi Mike, glad you decided to join us. Thanks for the heads up on the cherry barbs, so far they are behaving nicely.[smilie=l:
Welcome to the APC. We are glad to have you here
Welcome to the board!

Glad you found us. :)
Hi Mike,

Welcome to APC. Do you have MTS (multiple tank syndrome), too?
Hello Mike... Welcome to APC :D ... Glad you joined us.

Welcome to the forum. This is a wonderful community of planted aquarium hobbyists. Be rest assured that you're find pretty much anything you're looking for in this hobby.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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