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Hi Anthony,

Welcome to APC!

It's great that you've decided to set up a natural aquarium with live plants. Please take the time to go through out articles section to learn about some of the basics. Also, run searches to learn the our members' experiences. Lastly, post plenty of questions.

For a basic substrate, you can either try the easy, commercially available ones like Flourite, Eco-Complete, or Florabase. As for filtration, most people use a good canister filter such as the ones by Eheim or Fluval.

Lighting will also be important. I would recommend flourescent, daylight tubes to you. Shoot for about 3 watts per gallon (err...per 3.77 liters).

I'm not sure how many Aussies we have here. Perhaps they will chime in.

Good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes.
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