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Hi!!Noob from sunny :( Scotland!!!

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Hello there!!Brand new little member here from sunny (joking!!absolutely miserable at the moment)Scotland.
Been lurking for a good while and think I must have read just about all the fluffy stuff (technicalities are a bit much for me at the moment).
Just bought a nice fish tank after approximately 15 year break from fishkeeping (I'm getting old quicker than I thought!),and oh my goodness,it seems to have moved on a fair bit since then.
Have seen some jaw dropping tanks and am boring my bf shirtless,though even he was impressed with the 'Old Chinese Garden' :prayer: .
Hmm,I 'may' start a journal,mibees not,currently sitting with a completely empty fluval tank with beech stand in my living room,36x18x14",looks ok (nice actually)empty so I'm really looking forward to filling it.
I really (really) love angels,so this is what it will be,with natural looking planting (hopefully kinda artistic looking too).
Anyways,like I say,after that long a break,I'm pretty much brand new to the hobby again,tank is completely empty,and I'm not in a hurry to add fish,so any advice on set up will be much appreciated.
Any other uk members btw?Any Scottish ones?
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Welcome to APC!

I think you'll be able to set up a great looking tank with the guidance from all of the members here. :)
Welcome to APC :D

Here is a site that will give you an introduction to planted tanks...

Once you read over it & have a specific question, please feel free to ask it in the appropriate forum for more views & help.
Welcome...lots to learn here. I have only been here for a couple of days and have learned so much myself.
Aaaww,thanks for the welcome!!Made a start today,got my gravel and rocks.Big problem here is finding a decent stockist.Can't even find any nice angels :(
Never mind,plenty time.
Can I just say though that you have an amazing site here.I already feel after reading loads of articles here that I now know more about planted tanks than the staff in the fish shops!!
I'll look forward to picking your brains as my set up progresses!
There is a lot of brains here to pick, so pick away :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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