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Hi there from Taunton, Massachusetts!

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Thanks for the kind welcome. From what I've read, everyone is patient and not patronizing or ugly to beginners on this site.

Only had my tank for a little over two years, and am getting a serious case of MTS!! I've a 20 gallon long tropical planted (new to plants and all the accoutrements). Tetras; black skirt, white tip and black neon and a rainbow shark and a Betta.

Love music and collect it and make our own compilations. Aquariums, music, needlepoint, cooking, cats, painting, gardening and making jewelry are the hobbies. You'll note that nowhere in that list is housework!!

Scuse me, I'm going to go stand by the punch bowl and meet people.

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Welcome to APC!

You're right, everyone here is very nice, and welcome any questions you may have. :)
Welcome to APC :smile: ... You have a lots of interest, I'm sure you don't have a boring moment.
Welcome! Watch that punch!.. You never know what might be in it. We have some characters here! :D
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