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I found this forum through Diana Walstad’s website.
I am a beginer when it comes to aquariums and planted tanks but have one 10 gallon currently (hopping to start a 5 gal bowl). I tried the walstad method on the 10 gal but had to redo because after some neglect (sad I know) and I had to do a big trim but the plants melted away. I have redone the tank and now it has a filter and it has few plants but am hoping to bring it back to life. I think I need brighter lighting so if any of you know of a cheaper aquarium light that is mid to high lighting that would be great. I also was wonderi for my 5 gal that I hope to set up soon (want to try walstad metho again) if I should you organic potting soil and cap with gravel or go for aquarium soil like fluval? For the lighting on that one I am planning to reuse one of the lamps I have for my 10 gal rn. If any of you know of a standard mounted light bulb to use i Would appericat if you let me know

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