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Lurked in this forum for a few days... intriguing. I ordered the book from Amazon.

Had two reef tanks 15 years ago. Sold livestock and equipment when I bought a house. No interest SW any more. Don't want to deal with mixing up RO H2O and salt all the time for changes.

Interested in the natural look of FW plants but don't want to mess with high-tech, CO2, etc.

Want something hugely low maintenance. Thought about FW with some kind of automated water change. Then read about El Natural.

Before I read this, I set up a 10g with two fish and three plants a few weeks ago to entertain my kid. Didn't know about NPT so I just used plain gravel. Plants are alive after three weeks and NO3 has actually dropped below that of my tap water!! Think I'll have to do water changes not to remove NO3 for fishes sake but to replace nutrients for plants! This tank is my short-term entertainment. If it do a bigger one, I'll use this as my fish quarantine tank.

I now want to do a Natural tank. Will spend researching over winter and maybe set up in spring. I work a second job (ski instructing) in winter to spring is perfect time for new project. Also, can troll craigslist for cheap stuff. Thinking about a 38g or 45g, 36" long with 70-90W of light and put in the family room where there is a few good hours of morning sun.

After reading book, I may come back for some questions.

Staying psyched for a few months is my test of whether I really want to take the plunge. So if you hear from me again in a few months, I'll still thinking of doing it.
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I am new here to and will look forward to seeing pictures of your planted tank in the spring.
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