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Hi all,

I just returned from the plantfest (awesome time), added some new plants and wood to my aquarium... also retroactively added some substrate (Fluorite) to one side of the aquarium (after rinsing throughly in tapwater but still very messy). All the cloudiness has settled and the water is clear

Not sure what is going on but the fish breathing rates are really high, they have been hanging out at the top a lot.... I did several water changes which helps, but everytime I turn on the CO2 (even for a very short time) , the breathing rates get very rapid again

ph -6.8 using milwakee controller
kh 9

I know this puts my in a high CO2 zone (42.8 ppm) , but I've never had problems with this before, and I've had the pH as low as 6.6 without seeing this behaviour in the fish

very worried about this... any advice would be helpful


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