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hello there,
my name is Ofer
i am from israel
27 years old
working as a C++ programmer

i the hobby 16 years and n planted tanks 6 years

this is my 38 liter nano at work
jebo 338 with light mod of 70 watt and pressurized Co2 1 bubble per sec.

this is my 133 liter tank (in the bedroom)
4X24 watt T5 and pressurized Co2 2 bubble per sec.

and this is my main tank ~500 liter (in the livinroom)
6X54 watt T5 and pressurized Co2 5 bubble per sec and reactor, 11W UV, PH controller, Aqua medic dosing system 4 pumps, 1/2 HP chiller, 90% RO water.

sorry for the poor camera :)

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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