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Hillstream Loaches

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Anyone have these fish? What about Liniparhomaloptera disparis? Do you like them in your tank, they have any nasty habits?
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I had some hillstream/butterfly loaches in my planted 90. I loved the fish but I couldn't keep them alive for very long. I hear that they absolutely have to have cool water (72ish), lots of water movement, and some smooth rocks. I didn't do any of that and couldn't keep any of them alive for more than a month or 2. I like them a lot, but not enough to dedicate an entire tank to them.
All my tanks are cooler, I've got one in a 6 gallon Eclipse with no heater, other than not getting any bigger he's doing well. It has some Java Fern in it that I just moved in there, a fake log(need to go collecting), but no rocks. He doesn't hang in the current either. Neat little fish.
Have you seen the article at yet. Shows a river tank. Would be a cool project.
No, I'll have to go and read it.
with typical planted tanks, these loaches will do well if you let either the back or side glass wall develop good green algae growth. I have had mine for months (the previous batch died due to a power failure) and they seem well-fed and active.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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