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HM for sale - 2 nice sized portions

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Snails and a little moss/algae wrapped in some nice HM - much of it rooted, some of it clipped. Packed in wet paper towels in sandwich baggies.

$6/portion - includes USPS shipping. $10 for both remaining portions.

(I'd like to ship these today - 1st PMs get 'em)
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Last chance - $8 for both portions, which include some trimmed from my 5g tanks - is close to 3 of the photographed portions, shipped, just $8.
They still look good, but I don't want to wait any longer to ship - want them in someone's hands Saturday or sooner.
First PM...
Sold out - Thanks for looking.
Oops - buyer didn't want any snails, so both portions still ready to go $8, shipped.
Sold out (really - it's even been shipped).
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