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As per the visual instructions on the sticky I purchased all the items needed for my reactor.
Home depot supplied all the white pvc items for a total of 9.86 I have to purchase the 1/8 npt tap but that is not counted in the total cost. My son and I purchased the BioBalls last summer for our pond filter but we will price those at 2.00 for all of them. I purchased the clear pvc and fittings from Aquatic Eco-Systems I have (1) 1/8 barb with 1/8npt for the Co2 tube and (2) 1/2" barb with male threads for about 11.00 all total the cost is 28.00 with shipping to my door.

I have the following
2- 3/4" adapters with female 1/2" pipe thread
2- 2"-3/4 reducers
1- 2" tee
1- 2" coupling
1- 2" threaded plug
1- 2" threaded plug adapter
1- 2" clear pvc 12" long
18 Bio-Balls

My plan is to use a spare Eheim 1253 pump and push the water through the reactor and have it return under my substrate as a underwater spring.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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