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I am proud to announce the following products available thru Aqua Botanic:

Tunze Substrate Heating Cable with Safety Extra Low Voltage:
Low-Voltage (24V) substrate heater.
Includes heating cable, suction holders & transformer.
Designed to keep the substrate warm; Cannot heat the entire aquarium. Additional heater is necessary.
No temperature controller required.
This bottom heating improves the water passage and transports the trace elements of the aquatic plants into the substrate in an ideal way, thus the plants thrive. The substrate heating cable supplements the conventional aquarium heating, however the latter should not be replaced.

The heating cable is operated with 24V safety extra-low voltage and is plastic sheathed. It is laid on the aquarium floor by means of well sticking suction devices and consists of a warm and a cold cable section. The cold cable section has a length of 78.7" (2m) and is connected to the safety transformer.

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years from date of purchase.

Model# Wattage Voltage Capacity Warm Cable Length Suction Cup Holders
7028.20 20W 24V 21.1-47.5gal (80-180L) 118.1" (3m) 10 pcs
7028.40 40W 24V 39.6-105.6gal (150-400L) 236.3" (6m) 20 pcs
7028.80 80W 24V 79.2-184.9gal (300-700L) 472.4" (12m) 30 pcs

Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater 7.5 Watt for tanks up to 5 gallons
MINI heater 7.5 Watt for small aquariums and fish bowls up to 20 liters (5 gal)

The Hydor Mini Heater is specially designed for small aquariums and fish bowls up to 5 gallons. Easy installation and quick maintenance. Perfect for mini-tanks due to very compact size. Safe and reliable thanks to the patented PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) film heating element. Ideal for use in glass or acrylic tanks. The Mini Heater can be completely buried within the gravel if desired. As with any heating device, it is recommended that the temperature be monitored by the use of a thermometer. If the ambient room temperature rises above 76 F or other preferred temperature, simply remove or unplug the heater until needed again. For use in freshwater and marine aquariums.

Extra small: easy to hide in mini-tanks and bowls.
Extra safe even under gravel.
Completely submersible, ideal for use in both glass and acrylic tanks.
No damage if left running dry.
Helps increase by a few degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit the water temperature of mini aquariums compared to the ambient/room temperature where it is positioned.
Two year manufacturer`s warranty.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA SmartHeater
The RENA SmartHeater is the most technically advanced aquarium heater available - delivering a wide temperature range and an LED warning alert system. The LED alert flashes when water is +/- 5º F from set point. Plus the RENA SmartHeater is made of unbreakable plastic resin and is safe to the touch, even when heating. The RENA SmartHeater works in any position, horizontal or vertical, heating the aquarium by itself or when attached to a RENA filter.

RENA SmartHeater 50 Watt - for up to 20 gallon aquariums
RENA SmartHeater 100 Watt - for up to 35 gallon aquariums
RENA SmartHeater 150 Watt - for up to 50 gallon aquariums
RENA SmartHeater 200 Watt - for up to 70 gallon aquariums
RENA SmartHeater 300 Watt - for up to 90 gallon aquariums

Fits as intake tube to all RENA SmartFilters and RENA Filstar xP1 through xP4 Canister Filters or by itself as a conventional heater
Patented interactive display LED lighting with "abnormal temperature" alert flashes fast when water is +/- 5°F from set
Five models: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 watt
Made with high quality, durable and unbreakable plastic meeting UL standards. Safe to touch even when heating
Energy-efficient tubular design heating both internal and external surfaces of the heater
Super accurate set up temperature knob with wide temperature range (69°F-93°F)

Allows for a less cluttered tank and more even heating in one integrated system!
Communicates directly with hobbyists to protect fish even under formerly uncontrollable dangerous circumstances
A heater to fit all sizes of aquariums
Increased consumer comfort, confidence and safety; less returns
Provides even heat distribution preventing unwanted temperature variations within the aquarium
Allows hobbyists to have extremely accurate temperatures to mimic all types of aquarium environments

Tunze Nano Filter

The Nano product series provides very compact units, which offer the same functional principal as larger systems. The Nano filter can be placed in a corner of the aquarium discreetly, and is based on the surface surfaction principle. It has a larger filter volume and has been fitted with a filter pump offering a variable output of 150 to 800 l/h (39 to 211 gal./h). The Filter chamber can be filled with loose micro / macro wadding as well as with activated carbon or other absorbers, such as phosphate removers or peat. In case of larger systems without surface suction with an external cup filter, for example, the Nano filter is a perfect solution to remove the surface film. In a fresh-water tank, the Nano filter renders a better filtering performance than conventional internal filters fitted with simple filter sponges. Delivery Condition: Ready-to-mount with filter bag for activated carbon or other absorbing media, pump, flow deflector and holding device.

Dimensions: 4.9"L x 2.1"W x 8.6"H
Maximum immersion depth: 8.2"
Flow Rate: 150 to 800 l/h (39.6 to 211 gal./h)
Filtration Capacity: 40 to 200 liters (10 to 52 gal.)

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA SmartFilter
The power and effectiveness of a canister filter in a HOB filter


Three sizes available 10-20, 20-30 and 30-55 Gallons
Mechanical, chemical and biological filtration from 4-sided cartridges (4X the cleaning power) with Bio-Chem Zorb™
Universal replacement cartridges - one size fits all. The Power of "1, 2, 3"
Revolutionary caddy with ease of access and drip-reduction cup
Unique motor rack that can be removed from the filter without removing the main lid of the filter
Dosing port for water treatments and medications
4, 8 & 12 Bio Chem Stars (included) added for superior biological filtration and slotted in unique towers
A filter for the vast majority of HOB filter usage
Brings the superior filtration of a canister filter to the back of the aquarium
Eliminates mess during monthly maintenance
Simple cleaning of an important part of the filter. Consumer never has to remove the filter for cleaning!
Allows for accurate and thorough dispersal of aquarium treatments & medications
Increases biological filtration

IceProbe Aquarium/Water Chiller by Coolworks

CoolWorks' IceProbe Small Aquarium Chiller (IPAC-50W) is the perfect cooling solution for small aquariums and insulated fish egg hatching, bait, and specimen tanks.
50 Watts of cooling power
Compact size
Easy bulkhead installation
Quiet, efficient & reliable
Optional temperature controller
The Aquarium Chiller is a complete water cooling system. It includes the IceProbe, the nut and silicon washer for bulkhead installation, and a power converter with six foot cords on each side. The Aquarium Chiller can be easily installed in any orientation through a 1.25 inch hole into siphon overflows, pre-filters, sumps, or aquarium walls, or suspended with a bracket or lid over the top of the aquarium.

The chiller cools continuously when powered. In most aquarium implementations, the CoolWorks Proportional Temperature Controller is added to regulate the IceProbe's cooling power. TEC-65 controller is designed for tropical water aquarium environments, with an adjustable temperature range of 65ºF to 85ºF.

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.
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I could not find it on the website... how much are you selling the rena heater for? the 200 watt one?
Wow, that was fast! I am in the process of posting all these products to my store right now, it will take me at least another hour to finish it. These smart heaters and filters are REALLY cool!
200 watt price is 36.99. I have spent more than that for crappy heaters!
I have had my eye on that heater for quite some time... and bonus... your price beats Petsmarts' price to boot!

there are a couple of other things I need to take care of... just ordered a gang of amanoes, and I finally found some assassin snails I have been seeking that I have to pay for. but I am definitely going to pick this up from you in a few weeks! thanks for the update!
Glad to hear it! Designing a heater to be the actual intake tube of a HOB filter just floors me. It is such a great idea, and its unbreakable too!
I'm interested in the HOB filter. I want only mechanical and biological filtration; is there anyway to remove the Biochem zorb from the cartridge or is that serving all three functions? Better stated: is there any way to make this solely a mechanical and biological filtration filter?
I'm not sure if it is removeable or not. Let me also add that these producs are being drop shipped to my customers from a fullfillment warehouse that I have partnered with. I do not stock these myself
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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